The right way to drink Dom Pérignon


Richard Geoffroy prefers to use a proper crystal stem glass for Dom Pérignon, rather than a flute, tulip or other dedicated Champagne wine glass. It gives the wine room to expand, he says.

Geoffroy, the long-serving chef de cave of Dom Perignon (tastings), was in Australia to launch the new Dom Perignon 2004. He used a large-bowl Riedel to serve it to the press, although he’s perfectly happy to use a fine-quality flute at most functions.

Also, Dom mustn’t be served too cold: around 10 degrees – even up to 12 – is good as it allows the aromas to fully express themselves. The ‘04 Dom is an excellent vintage: refined and complex at the same time, subtle, fragrant and seamless on the palate.

Following the exquisite 2002 (tasting) and the broader 2003 (tasting), which I did not like so much, ’04 is a classic, typical Dom. It normally retails around $200.

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