Treasury trashes $35M worth of wine


So Treasury Wine Estates is trashing $35 million worth of wine that it cannot sell in the US. If there is a better illustration of the profligacy and waste of the corporate world, I’d like to see it.

I’d imagine much of the wine that is now too old and stale to sell, and must be written off and dumped, is the kind of trendy low-alcohol stuff that was designed to pander to the overweight, such as supposedly low-kilojoule wines, and cutely-named focus-group workshopped wines designed to appeal to impressionable young women.

Treasury is the umbrella company for Lindemans (tastings), Rosemount (tastings), Penfolds (tastings), Wynns (tastings), Seppelt (tastings) and a whole lot of fly-by-night brands that you’ve seen but already forgotten – as I have.

I’m aware of a couple of scenarios for wineries wanting to dump wine. One thing’s for sure: they don’t employ people to sit around and unscrew caps and pour wine into the sink, then put the bottles in the recycling bin.

They either dig a big hole in the American outback and push the mountain of bottled wine into it, then cover it up, and hope no-one notices, or they put the bottles into a crusher which at least reclaims the broken glass for recycling.

The wine could also be filtered and re-used in casks or something, but they probably won’t be doing that, as the problem is, it’s wine that no-one wants in the first place.

If there’s a drought in America, maybe they could use it for irrigation… of what? Grapevines perhaps.

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