How many whiskies should one simply have to drink in a lifetime?

The authors of a new book have the answer. It’s 1001. Yes, it’s another in the series – and I confess I once contributed to a book titled “1001 Wines You Must Try Before Your Die”.

Once you get over the air of impending doom brought on by the title, an unwelcome reminder of your mortality, the whisky book is very good. As I’m a mere dabbler in whisky, this is exactly my kind of book: easy to read, chatty, not too much esoteric detail – and includes just about every whisky I’ve ever heard of, any many more.

“1001 Whiskies You Must Try before You Die,” edited by Dominic Roskrow (Murdoch Books; $40) is a user-friendly reference book, informative and comprehensive, with a short tasting note on each whisky.

Alas, the 23 writers don’t score or rate them, so it’s not always easy to tell how much they liked them. Predictably, the overwhelming majority of entries are Scotch (542 pages) and American (136 pages) but the wider world of whisky is covered – including a good number of Australian whiskies, mostly Tasmanian, about which Roskrow is engagingly enthusiastic.

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