Langton’s returns to Melbourne

Fine wine auction house Langton’s is to close its Sydney warehouse and centralize its operations in Melbourne. After many years of operating a Sydney warehouse, currently in Camperdown, the Woolworths-owned company will move back to its original home in Melbourne over the next few months, according to Caton Hicks, who has been its Sydney face for the past five years.

Hicks says the business has continued to expand and has outgrown the Sydney warehouse, at the same time as Langton’s had developed a better warehousing system in Melbourne. He will continue to operate a one-man Sydney presence, but there will be less face-to-face contact between the public and the auction house.

Hicks will probably have an office in Cellarmasters’ Surry Hills premises. He says Langton’s will start holding tastings, dinners and meet-the-winemaker events in Sydney. He says Langton’s is doing well this year, hitting budget every month. “There are plenty of buyers and sellers around, and some good bargains.” As well, Langton’s will cease separating its Sydney and Melbourne auctions, which currently alternate, and have consolidated auctions.

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