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Berton Vineyard Reserve Pinot Noir, Tasmania 2010 $20


What’s this? A Tasmanian pinot for $20? Not only is the price rare, it’s a very decent drink.

Medium-full ruby to brickred hue, and smelling of strawberry, herbs and red cherry plus a degree of funkiness from bottle-development. The palate is quite solid, with a good grip of tannin. It’s a far cry from the weedy, thin wines one usually finds in cheaper pinot bottles. Indeed, if it has a fault, it’s more about structure than flavour, but at $20 this is carping. As always, food mops up the tannins and improves the wine. Excellent value for money. Best within three years. 14 per cent alcohol. 88/100 (Huon’s Wine 360)

Food: grilled marinated quail; magret of duck; roast turkey or squab; grilled lamb cutlets.

Ranked #33 of 76 2010 Pinot Noir tasted from Tasmania

Price Benchmark: $28.00
Avg 88pt 2010 Pinot Noir tasted from Tasmania

Winery Rating: 88.8
Weighted average of their top 5 recently tasted wines

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