Bargain of the week: An update

Giesen prices have been all over the place lately. Perhaps it’s partly because they recently left their long-term Australian distributor and set up their own distribution; perhaps the big chains had something to do with it.

With the supermarkets retailing this kind of wine at very low margins, the reality is that such wines have a range of retail prices, depending on where you buy them. It can be confusing. And some of Giesen’s (tastings) prices appear to have been re-set recently.

Whatever the truth, I reviewed their 2012 The Brothers Land Sauvignon Blanc this week as Bargain of the Week at $15 (tasting). I’m now told it’s officially $21-$23, which I don’t consider a bargain. (The Estate Sauvignon Blanc (tasting notes) is officially $15 to $19, and I don’t consider that a bargain, either.) Apologies if anyone has been misled. 

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