What to do with used corks


Although cork recycling is on the wane, thanks to the prevalence of screwcaps on Australian wines, I’m occasionally asked what can be done with used corks.

The Girl Guides used to receive them but no longer do. In Sydney, my best discovery is a co-operative called Reverse Garbage, which is a kind of store-house of donated materials for artists and craftspeople.

It’s at 142 Addison Rd, Marrickville. They welcome wine corks. Screwcaps should be placed in your council recycling bin. They should be loose, not in bags.

Anything bagged in a recycling bin is treated with suspicion and may be trashed. Don’t be concerned that screwcaps may get lost because of their tiny size: the sophisticated sorting equipment used by recycling depots easily separates them from the paper, plastic and glass in your bin.

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