Australia being out-spent and out-promoted in the US


Guest overseas judge Chuck Hayward gave the Australian wine industry a blast in his speech after the Sydney Royal Wine Show.

He said despite what is perceived as a stagnant market which buys mostly Yellow Tail (tasting notes) and ignores up-market Australian wines, Americans like Australian wines and the wheel of fashion would come around again. But he said there was a serious lack of promotion.

As a man who has been selling and championing Australian wine in the US for 26 years, first in San Francisco’s The Jug Shop and now online retailer J.J. Buckley, he said he was one of the few experts on Australian wine in the US.

“There are fewer experts on Australian wine in the US than the fingers on my hand,” he said. There is a serious lack of exposure. “It’s imperative to have a regular trade exhibition,” he said.

Australia is being out-spent and out-promoted and as long as this continues, other countries will outsell it. Hayward urged Australia to promote regionality, and not to compare our wines against the Old World benchmarks, as they stand up on their own merits.

He was speaking at the annual Wine Communicators Sydney Royal Wine Show lunch on February 15. 

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