Third Time Unlucky

The creep of Adelaide’s southern suburbs is taking its toll on McLaren Vale in ways other than the well-publicised loss of potential vineyard land. The Morgan Simpson winery (my tasting notes) has fallen victim to a series of burglaries.

Winemaker Richard Simpson writes in his newsletter: “Gone are the days of open sheds and expensive equipment left out on the slab. The creeping suburban sprawl of attractively curved cul-de-sacs named after obscure grape varieties is helping turn McMurtrie Road into a corridor of barbed wire and security company warning signs.”

Morgan Simpson has lost its crusher, laboratory glassware and chemicals (twice), 50 cases of wine, hose fittings and tools, valued at $14,500, in three separate incidents. Simpson then decided to keep the next lot of lab equipment at his Adelaide home, but that was also stolen, along with a computer. Simpson only has a small tin shed and three shipping containers for a winery. The worst thing is that during busy vintage-time when he used to leave things outside, to make room for fermenting wine, he can no longer do so.

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