Penfolds Recorking Clinic on now

Penfolds’ recorking clinic hits Sydney from August 7 to 9, and this year focuses on wines 15 years and older. The clinic, billed as ‘the ultimate wine health-check’, began in 1991 and has travelled the world (after the Australian tour it heads for New York and Houston), with more than 100,000 bottles assessed to date. Grange is the most common wine that people bring to the clinics, but all Penfolds ultra-premium wines are welcomed. Winemakers will inspect, and possibly uncork the wine, taste a small sample, and if it’s in good condition, top it with similar wine, insert a fresh cork, re-capsule, and affix a sticker declaring that the wine has been checked by the clinic. The venue is the InterContinental Hotel. You must register first, by visiting or phoning 1300 651 650. 

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