Distinguished Plantagenet winemaker goes to Rios

Distinguished Western Australian winemaker John Durham has left Plantagenet (HuonHooke.com/winery/1998) winery in the Great Southern for the boutique winery Del Rios, at Anakie in the Geelong region. Del Rios makes a particularly good marsanne and is in expansion mode. Its 10-hectare vineyard was first planted in 1996 by the owner, Gus del Rio. Durham will also be making wine in partnership with Doug Neal, who is the winemaker at Paradise IV vineyard at Batesford, near Geelong. Their joint venture, named Hildegaard in homage to Abbess Hildegaard of Bingen, will debut later this year with a rose and a Beechworth shiraz. Durham was the long-serving chief winemaker at Cape Mentelle (HuonHooke.com/winery/2221) prior to Plantagenet, and Neal has been a below-the-radar consultant to Giaconda (HuonHooke.com/winery/1742) for many years. 

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