Greatest Cognac I’ve Ever Had

I’ve recently tasted the greatest Cognac I’ve ever had: Tesseron Tres Vieux Extreme Noir. At around $4,000 to $4,500 for a 1.75 litre bottle, this Cognac is aimed fair and square at the collector market. Beautifully packaged in a flask-shaped bottle modelled on a demijohn, the container in which very old Cognacs spend their final years before blending and sale, it is possibly the oldest Cognac available, certainly one of the oldest. No-one really knows. The oldest Cognac in the blend is from 1865 and the youngest is no later than the 1920s.

The bouquet and flavour are unimaginably complex, with extreme rancio character and an array of scents from polished wood to roasted nuts to various dried fruits – especially apricot and fig – as well as vanilla and chocolate, toffee and old leather upholstery. The flavour is explosive: immensely powerful, concentrated, with silken texture and ballerina-like balance. Unlike very old fortified wines, there is no hint of senility, but instead, amazing vitality and freshness. All the Tesseron Cognacs are outstanding, but this one is truly unique. Inquiries: 1300 610 919.

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