Taking It to the Streets

Glass walls that enable visitors to see into a working winery have been around for a few years – now we have the first “pop-up” winery in the centre of a city. It’s all part of a movement to demystify winemaking and allow the public to see exactly how it’s done.

David Bowley, of artisan winemaker Vinteloper, is claiming to have Australia’s first pop-up, working micro-winery – in Adelaide’s CBD. It’s there for 30 days, closing on April 1, at 188 Grenfell Street, off Union Street, Adelaide. It’s operating from midday to midnight each day. 

Visitors will see grapes being delivered, as well as foot-treading, fermenting, basket-pressing, and maturation in barrels. “It’s an artistic and cultural exhibition of sorts,” says Bowley. “It demonstrates in a public way that winemaking is as much about art as it is about science. I want to encourage people to visit – bring their lunch, conduct a meeting, or just sit and observe and immerse themselves in the educational, cultural and artistic aspects of winemaking." 

Vinteloper produces wines with an emphasis on minimal intervention, based on Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale and Clare Valley grapes. 

See my Vinteloper tastings here.

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