A Grand gala in Shenyang

Last year, Huon was invited to lead a gala wine tasting event at the Grand Metropark North Yoker Hotel in Shenyang, China.

An excerpt from the SMH article “A Taste for Rare Wines” (20 Sep 2011):

Seated around a large rectangle of tables in a private room of the North Yoker Hotel in the north-eastern China city of Shenyang, are a few of the 271 billionaires in China, sipping six vintages of one of the greatest and most collectable Bordeaux red wines, Vieux Chateau Certan. Among them is Mr Wang, who owns several grand hotels and is a powerful businessman, but tonight he looks more like a bikie gang member, with a black, stencilled T-shirt, an unruly mop of spiky hair, an expensive-looking wristwatch, and a face like an aged sideshow boxer. A charismatic man, he likes Cuban cigars, Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky, and talks expansively of the great Romanee-Conti vintages as though he drinks them every day. He probably does.

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