Sticking to Business

Rob ‘Sticks’ Dolan, the gentle giant of Yarra Valley winemakers, is back in business after buying the former Yarra Burn winery from Accolade Wines.

Dolan is making history repeat itself: a few years ago he led a partnership which bought the former Yarra Ridge winery at Yarra Glen, which he made the home of the Sticks brand, only to lose control of it. His shareholding was diluted, and he found himself out of a job, and a brand. His new label is simply Rob Dolan Wines. The Sticks brand continues, with Travis Bush as winemaker. Accolade has also finally concluded the drawn-out sale of the large Stonehaven winery at Padthaway, which had been silent for several vintages. Stonehaven did an 8,000-tonne vintage this year, with well-known local winemakers Grant Semmens and Ulrich Grey-Smith at the helm.

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