Setting the Carbon-Neutral Standard

Leader in organic viticulture, Temple Bruer vineyard and winery of Langhorne Creek, has achieved carbon neutral status. Founder David Bruer claims his is the only winery and vineyard in Australia to be both carbon neutral and 100% organic.

Bruer and his late wife Barbara started the business in 1975. He had a seven-point plan for achieving carbon-neutral status: lightweight glass for all products (cutting 17 per cent of greenhouse gases from each bottle and saving 99 tonnes of greenhouse gases a year); ruling out airfreight worldwide (cutting 33 tonnes); planting more than 6,000 trees (cutting 12 tonnes); switching to non-hydrofluorocarbon refrigeration (cutting 36 tonnes); sharing warehousing with contract bottler and distributor Angove (saving 15 tonnes); capturing carbon dioxide given off by fermentations, and producing renewable energy from wind, solar and bio-gas generators (will save 52 tonnes when fully installed).

Dave Bruer was my chemistry lecturer at Roseworthy College; he was inspiring then, and continues to set standards that should inspire others.

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