Wine and eggs

There’s a saying in the food and wine matching business, “wine is the enemy of eggs”. The problem with eggs is that they tend to dampen down the acidity in wine with the risk of making the wine appear too bland. Happily there is a solution. Choose a high acid wine. My favourite wine styles with egg dishes are Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc and sparkling wine – all relatively high acid varieties.

Craggy Range Te Muna Road Riesling, Martinborough 2009 – $25.95

Eggs Mayonnaise is a challenging dish for wine matching. Lemon juice, like eggs, tends to suppress the acidity in wine. Craggy Range Te Muna Riesling 2009 is the perfect wine to pick up the gauntlet. This nearly bone-dry Riesling has lashings of juicy acidity. The Eggs Mayonnaise drops the acid a little and in my view makes the wine taste even better. It’s a robust, dense and powerful Riesling that promises to age well. One of the benefits of bottle age is reduced acidity. Tasting the wine with Eggs Mayonnaise is like having a peep into the future. – view on

Lindauer Special Reserve Cuvee Riche – $18

Martin Bosley’s Floating Island with Easy Lemon Curd demands a wine with very special credentials. Only candidates with both acidity and some sweetness need apply. This tactile dish also needs to be partnered with an equally tactile wine. Lindauer Special Reserve Cuvee might have been tailor-made for the job. It’s a delicately luscious moderately sweet sparkler with a fine backbone of acidity and restrained but exotic flavours. Served well-chilled it’s about as tactile as a wine can be. – view on

First published in KiaOra Magazine – Jun 2010.

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