Buttermilk and honey bread

Life is full of strange twists and bizarre incidents. For example who would have thought I’d be matching a wine to buttermilk and honey bread while travelling at 280 kph in a Japanese bullet train somewhere between Tokyo and Osaka. The bizarre bit is not the speed or exotic Oriental location; it’s the task of finding a wine match to a food that I don’t normally associate with wine.

When I order lamb in a restaurant I search the menu for a hearty red. If I decide to make a Thai stir-fry I fossick through my wine rack for a Rosé or perhaps a Gewürztraminer. But if someone hands me a plate laden with buttermilk and honey bread vinous visions don’t dance in my head.

That’s not to say you can’t match a wine with buttermilk and honey bread. Lindauer Rosé ($15.95) (tastings) has the strength of flavour and subtle sweetness to make a good, if not spectacular, partnership with Bosley’s bread. A suggestion of yeastiness in the wine matches the yeastiness in the bread.

Every fridge should have a bottle of Lindauer Rosé tucked in the corner for emergencies such as unexpected visitors, the death of a loved pet or a sudden impulse to bake buttermilk and honey bread.

First published in KiaOra Magazine – Aug 2009.

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