Christmas with the Campbells

Where will you be spending Christmas this year?

At home over the Christmas/New Year break – we generally go away on holiday when the crowds ease.

Does your family have any food traditions over Christmas?

Seafood is always on the menu but the exact nature of the seafood depends on what I can catch. If the worst happens, as it did last year, I make a hurried trip to the Auckland Fish Market which usually results in more exotic fare like Tuna or squid.

Will yours be a Christmas brunch, lunch or dinner (or all three!)?

All three. We have a cooked breakfast with our extended family after the rigours of present opening then a traditional English-type lunch with the relatives and finally a light-ish seafood dinner at home.

Have you started planning the menu yet?

Not yet – I won’t know what’s on the menu until my Christmas Eve fishing trip.

Are there any foodie gifts you’ll be hoping for or this year – or would recommend as good pressies?

I’d like to receive a bottle or two of good Kiwi olive oil. I’ve had some knockout examples lately and am enthusiastic about the home-grown oils. I plan to give a few friends wine decanters this year. Wine sealed with a screwcap benefits from exposure to air. My favourite brand is Speigelau.

Can you give us some tips on surviving the festive frenzy?

Water. Drink a glass of water after every glass of wine and you will avoid feeling a little flat on Boxing day. It really works.

First published in Taste Magazine NZ – Dec 2007.

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