Tips for November

What will you be drinking in November?

November is the start of my barbecue season. I barbecue with a tongs in one hand and a glass of full-flavoured red in the other. At the moment I’ve got a fetish for Hawke’s Bay Syrah from the 2004 vintage.

Food matches for the month?

Butterflied leg of lamb cooked on the barbecue (of course) with a large glass of 2004 Syrah from Hawke’s Bay (naturally). I marinade the meat in Kato Sesame Dressing and serve it with the dressing and finely chopped mint, coriander and basil – scrumptious!!

What do you always keep on hand to serve for last minute entertaining?

Lindauer Reserve Blanc de Blanc (tastings). I’ve loved this wine ever since I served a “blind” glass to a champagne-obsessed friend and he thought it was Champagne Taittinger (tastings).

“I just can’t resist…..”

Australian Liqueur Muscat or Tokay. Both should carry a label warning anyone who tastes these wines with Kapiti Kikorangi cheese that the combination can be seriously addictive.

First published in Taste Magazine NZ – Nov 2005.

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